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Why the Shed?

The Shed is for Men to gather in a supportive environment to socialize, meeting new friends, engaging together in activities making and repairing things, learning new skills or honing their existing skills and generally being "blokes" together.

Why do men go to a Shed?

"After retiring I had nothing to do. I found I spent a lot of time in and out of Medical centres with imaginary illnesses. Men like me do that, or they go to the pub and drink. Worse still, they stay at home and drink alone.
Men don't share their troubles like women do. They don't cry on others shoulders. We are basically loners.
At the Shed I rub shoulders with a university professor, a lawyer  a doctor and the ex- CEO of a well known luxury motor car company. They all treat me as an equal and as their mate. All this happens without spilling our guts." (Paul Vicario. Shed Member).

What do they do there?

The concept of a Men's shed has long been part of Australian men's culture. It is a reservoir of memories experiences of good times. It is a place to socialize and share experiences. A place to "get away from it all" for a few hoursA haven from the pressures of life...A place for a man to just "be"


How do you join us?

Contact us at the number below and we will give you  an application form to join.
Come and see us any Monday or Wednesday (Public Holidays excepted) at the Shed (9.00 to 3.00).

The annual fee on joining the Shed is $ 50.00. Each session you attend you are asked to pay
$4.00 on arrival. This helps pay for consumables (morning tea , coffee and biscuits) and towards the operating expenses of the Shed.
Bring your own lunch.
While at the shed we are each expected to comply with a few simple rules directed to the maintenance of safety and to the preservation of the equipment and fittings.
Courtesy and respect amongst us is a given.

Where is the Shed located ?

Marist Fathers' grounds, 3 Mary Street Hunters Hill NSW 2110

Entry to the shed can be made via Mary St or Rocher Ave Hunters Hill, street parking is available. Please do not park on Marist grounds                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Download the HHRCS Men's Shed brochure


Contact us on 9817 0101 or support@hhrcs.org.au 



























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