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Truly Human

Posted on 24 May 2017


HHRCS is pleased to introduce the poignant documentary, "Truly Human", which was created by one of our casual volunteers, Georgina Liu. This documentary features Megan Poole, Lyn Allen, and Marilyn Jones from our YADs Carers Support Program and Mary-Lou Carter, a well-known advocate for persons with disabilities.

The documentary provides an insight into the lives of four very different women who have dedicated themselves to the same cause - their adult children with intellectual disabilities. The four mothers share stories of their struggles to give their children a sense of independence, and the impact their children have had on their lives.

These caring experiences give us a better understanding of what it is like to be a carer, including all the risks and challenges such as isolation, anxiety and access to quality support services. From a service provider's perspective, these testimonials also deepen our understanding of how the needs of carers could be better met. The documentary captures the importance of access to respite, which allows the carer to have an anxiety free break from caring. It also captures the way in which carers have embraced their life of caring for their child and the impact this has had on their lives. The testimonials highlight the importance of being compassionate and accepting the wide variety of people that make up our community.

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