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Quality Review-Outcomes

Posted on 1 December 2015
Quality Review-Outcomes

On Wednesday 11th November HHRCS underwent the Australian Aged Care Quality Review; HHRCS was measured against the following three standards:

  • Effective Management, 8 expected outcomes all met
  • Appropriate Access and Service Delivery, 5 expected outcomes all met
  • Service User Rights and Responsibilities, 5 expected outcomes all met

The reviewers conducted interviews with 27 Clients, 6 Carers, 9 Volunteers, 5 Care Workers, 5 Coordinators, 1 Bus Driver, 2 Team Leaders, the President and the General Manager. The quality reviewers told management that client stories about the positive impact HHRCS had made on their lives almost moved them to tears. They described HHRCS volunteers as passionate and the staff as a crazy bunch but it all works.

As the General Manager I would like to thank everyone involved in the Australian Aged Quality Review from HHRCS as they put in a huge amount of work. I am very proud of HHRCS meeting all the outcomes for each standard; staff really deserved this outcome as a reward for their ongoing passion and energy.

Anna Buddo,

General Manager

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