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Our Commitment to Excellence Recognised

Posted on 22 July 2016
Our Commitment to Excellence Recognised
HHRCS is delighted to report that our very own, Christine Hannan was named second runner up in the Employee of the Year section of the Aged and Community Services (ACS) NSW and ACT State Excellence Awards. The ACS State Awards for Excellence promote and recognise excellence in a range of areas that contribute to the quality of life of older people, people with disabilities and/or their carers.

Christine was recognised for her work with Housing NSW residents who are members of our Outreach Support Program. She supports clients to achieve meaningful goals, whatever they may be. With Christine's support many residents have learned to read, been able to contact others that share their interests and have participated meaningfully in their community. For example, Christine started a small sewing class for women and men on low incomes who wanted to learn how to make simple garments and mend their clothes.

Christine was instrumental in the building of 3 community gardens in the Gladesville and Hunters Hill areas within the Housing NSW estates we work with. She mobilised the whole community and rallied them around the notion of taking pride in their common areas. These areas which were previously used as dumping grounds are now thriving gardens and inviting communal areas.

Christine continues to inspire trust and hope in people, HHRCS has received a number of letters from clients commending her work. In one, a resident stated: 'in fact, it was the community vegetable gardens that convinced me to accept the Unit in this complex.' In another complex residents meet weekly in the early afternoon to play cards and socialise in a welcoming community room created by Christine. The residents got to know each other and develop mutual trust and understanding through many activities organised by Christine.

People in our organisation have a great deal of trust in Christine, as she is one of those rare people who does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it.

Like many of our colleagues, she is a tireless worker who gets on with the job, and would never pursue recognition or place herself in the limelight. You can be sure that Christine is somewhere out there, busily supporting people in order to make positive changes in their lives and within the broader community.

As Christine said, 'this award shines a positive light on all of us [as] I would never be able to do what I do without the support of my colleagues.'
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