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Memories Shared

Posted on 28 June 2017

In June the Seniors Hub clients welcomed Reverend Michael Armstrong the Senior Minister of the Anglican Parish of Hunters Hill to their session. Reverend Michael was kind enough to share one of his memory boxes with us. His memory box was filled with old photographs and cameras, which he used to spark a very lively conversation about holidays, family traditions and the various sporting activities our clients perhaps enjoyed in their youth. 

A memory box is a simple yet very effective reminiscing tool. In old age, childhood memories may become vivid, and recent memories may become hazy. A memory box containing meaningful memory joggers, personal items and photos can be a source of pleasure and encouragement as people make the journey into old age. Each item in the box can hold a memory that can be revisited time and time again.

A memory box is there to be shared with others of a similar age, it allows us to remember together and reaffirm our identities as well as to help us remember who we were and are.

Inspired by the success of the memory box we contacted the Hunters Hill Quilters to help the Seniors Hub staff create a Quilting Memory Box. The quilters were quick to respond and brought us a bagful of beautiful materials, scraps of lace and even a thimble.

The staff added a multitude of colourful buttons, threads and sewing tools. We are also looking for a half finished small quilt to add to the box. Quilting is a favourite pastime of several of our ladies, and we are sure that the Quilting Memory Box will spark many lovely memories.

This is such a beautiful example of using our diverse community resources. A big thank you to the Hunters Hill Quilters and Reverend Michael for supporting our work!


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