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Improving Communication for our Clients

Posted on 23 May 2017

One of our leading values is quality. We strive to provide quality services to our clients and community. Driven by this value, we consulted our clients, their carers as well as our volunteers and staff on how to make our communication with them more user-friendly.

We were fortunate enough to host Social Work Intern, Samantha Fletcher for last 4 months. Samantha gathered and amalgamated the feedback provided from our stakeholders and developed a new form of non-verbal communication to help us interact and engage with our community.

The new Attendance Schedule is very visual and user friendly. Important information is presented using pictures as well as short and to the point written instructions. The newly developed icons library contains mentally stimulating images that will help clients visually engage with their upcoming HHRCS schedule with or new HHRCS programs. The icons library was originally developed to assist clients with dementia or cognitive impairments. However, we found that the library is a fun and creative way in which to communicate with all our clients.

This is HHRCS' first step to adopting a new form of non-verbal communication. We hope all our clients will be able to experience this new and interesting way of communicating in the near future.

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