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Hope for Nabukadra, Nakorotubu, Fiji

Posted on 31 March 2016
Hope for Nabukadra, Nakorotubu, Fiji

On Saturday 20 February a category-five mega storm Winston devastated Fiji. Some villages such as Nabukadra, Nakorotubu where HHRCS staff member Margaret Vuli's family live have been completed destroyed. On Thursday 3 March, HHRCS launched an appeal to collect items such as clothes, bedding and non perishables to the inhabitants of Nabukadra. After this appeal, generous people including staff, volunteers, clients popped in to donate so much items. Finally all the items have been directly sent to Nabukadara thanks to Margaret. She returned from Fiji a few days ago and commented :"I have noticed the social and psychological trauma or experience the villages still carry silently within them. Nevertheless, the kind donations provided by HHRCS did make a huge difference to the villager's current daily challenges. The generous donations provided by HHRCS did brought back hope, normality as well as inspiration to rebuild a better future for the villagers. Once again thank you for the generous and caring support provided to Nabukadra village." HHRCS was happy to provide support and bring hope to the villagers and we would like to thank everyone who contributed to this cause.


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