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Flavours in the Seniors Hub

Posted on 27 June 2017

On Thursday the 22nd of June, another wonderful Master Chef Class was held at the Seniors Hub. Chefs Geraldine and Eugenia shared their passion for cooking once again with all staff and clients in attendance. This time the master chefs cooked Geraldine's "potato bake" recipe, which consists of layers of potatoes with parmesan cheese, olive oil and garlic. The bake is accompanied by "sausage rolls" containing beef mince and onions. Lynette, our lovely social support worker, added a touch of "green" with a delicious composed apple and mandarin salad.

The Master Chef Class not only stimulates our clients sense of taste but also encourages them to enjoy eating as a social activity. It is a good way to increase social participation among the group as they observe and ask questions about the cooking process. It also enables clients to develop their culinary skills and strengthen their self-esteem.

Three delicious meals including gnocchi, moussaka and "potato bake" have been cooked so far as part of our Master Chef Class. All the dishes were delicious and we can't wait for our next class!

A special thank you to the Seniors Hub staff that organise our Master Chef classes and help our clients realise their potential.

For photos of the Master Chef Classes, please follow the link below:


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