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Easter Magic

Posted on 14 April 2017
Easter Magic

Kaeko Naito, a member of one of HHRCS carer's groups since early 2009, was chosen by the Royal Easter Show to receive free tickets for her family to attend the Show this year.

Both Kaeko and her husband care for their teenage daughter Yuumi, who has an intellectual disability as well as behavioural issues. Yuumi, like many of her peers, is going through a 'difficult stage'. She always refuses her parents suggestion of activities and outings preferring to stay at home than going out with her parents. However the prospect of going to the Royal Easter Show was very exciting for Yuumi. Yuumi's parents were concerned about the noise level so chose to attend the show during the evening. Any concerns they had were dispelled, Yuumi was excited and taken in by all the attractions. Kaeko stated that her daughter is usually an unreceptive girl, finding it hard to express what she wants or what she likes.  At the show, to her parents surprise and delight, Yuumi was able to indicate what rides she wanted to try and what she wanted to see. Kaeko said, "this was a great moment for us, a very peaceful and happy moment for us". Yuumi's favourite ride is the  'Flying Elephant'.

Kaeko said attending the show will be a time they will all cherish.  

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