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Celebrating the Community Garden Competition

Posted on 2 November 2015
Celebrating the Community Garden Competition


184a Pittwater Road gardeners were thrilled to participate in the City of Ryde Council Community
Gardening competition this year receiving first place in the Community Garden category . The
Pittwater gardeners have worked hard on improvements throughout the year and are keen to make
the garden a beautiful area for all the residents to enjoy. This was a wonderful recognition of their

Additionally one of the resident gardeners, Mrs On Sook Jun, a keen gardener all her life and
now growing many delicious Korean vegetables, was awarded second place in the Edible Garden
category. The judges were very impressed with Mrs Jun's gardening
Techniques - including her crop rotation, growing from seed and her wonderful home made trellising.

These gardening activities are provided through our Social Support Program with help from the Royal
Botanic Gardens Community Greening. 

More information about our Social Support Gladesville Program HERE


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